What is Requirementalist?

Get better software requirements

Get better software requirements

70% projects fail due to bad requirements. Instead of "need a clone of XYZ.com" wouldn't you like something more systematic and detailed.

Easy software requirement collection wizard

Easy Requirement Collection Wizard

You don't need to be a software engineer to create a detailed requirements doc, just follow the instructions on the screen and answer a few questions.

Requirement wizard for dummies requirements documents for pros

Wizard for dummies, docs for pros

Use the data collected by the wizard to generate a requirements doc, an excel for effort estimation, request wireframes from pros and much more.

Collaborative requirement analysis tool

Don't work alone.

Requirement collection is never a solo job. Get your clients, developers and sales team involved in the process. Collaborating on projects is easy.

Flexible requirement analysis tool

We are flexible

We understand that each software project is unique and has its own typical way of understanding the requirements. We would love to work with you to improve our wizard and app for you.

Free/Affordable requirement analysis software

Affordable pricing

How much would you save on a project by having an accurate and detailed requirements? How about spending less than what you pay for cup of coffee?

Using Requirementalist

Couple of ways how requirementalist helps companies and software developers.

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As a developer/freelancer/company

Send a link to your clients and ask them to fill up a simple wizard. You get a detailed requirements document containing high level requirements, list of users, list of screens/UI elements and other requirements.

Use that information to estimate the efforts, schedule milestones and deliveries.

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As a project owner/client

Whether you have an internal team of developers or you outsource your development work, the delivery of your project on time and within budget depends on how accurately you define your requirements.

You do not need to be a software engineer to create a detailed technical requirements documents for your developers. Use Requirementalist to manage all your requirements and share them safely with your developers.

Have you faced the problem of mis-communication in requirements between you and your team?

We are building this app because we faced the same problem with our clients and team members. We have been using this app to solve our problem.

Now we are inviting you to try it out and see whether you and your team find it equally useful or not. Perhaps it might not be exactly what you want, but we are inviting you to try it out during the early access launch and tell us what else we can do to make it exactly what you want.

Start adding your project. (No signup or payment required).

Did I mention that all early access users will enjoy free credits, discounts, priority support and early access to new features that we add later.

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